Monday, December 5, 2011

Ho, Ho, Ho

So.... last week I'm on my laptop looking at photos and doing a few things online and my computer starts having glitches and acting funny and my internet closes out.  I open it back up.  The internet is running fine, then BOOM.... everything gets crazy on my screen and my computer crashes.  Me... being me... I immediately start panicking and sweating and texting my husband at work... saying everything is wiped off my computer, that all of our photos of the past year are gone, all of my documents are gone and what on earth am I going to do?!?!  He of course says it probably can be recovered and we'll have it repaired.... to which I respond.... that if it cannot, it's no different than having a house fire, that all of the memories from the past year are gone and what on earth am I going to do?!?!?!

Two days later, my computer is repaired and I have all of my photos and files back. I hate it when he's right (well, except this time).  And he hates how I freak out.   I yam who I yam.....

So, the real reason for this post was to show Grady cutting down his own Christmas tree.  Wait, let me clarify.  He chose his own tree.... Daddy cut it down.  Trust me, Grady didn't miss any of it though.

Seriously, just give this kid a task... he's all over it.  He looks like this when he takes out the garbage for me...
And he is so proud.  He is such a happy boy... so full of life and personality!!  He really finds joy in everything he does.  We are so blessed!!

I need to get a photo of his tree decorated.  It's the cutest thing!  

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