Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kid's Room Update

I was just on my computer going through some photos and realized (even more) how lazy I've been about showing updates as we have finished projects around here.  I have been taking pictures of the progress on a regular basis, but we stay so busy I seem to never show how things improve.... only the mess we begin with. 

One room that is literally one step from being completely finished is Grady's bedroom.  When we stared, the crown molding was chipping right off and falling onto the floor, the fireplace mantle needed to be stripped along with the window trim, baseboards, doors, etc.  Hank replaced the two windows in this bedroom and one of them had a lot of wood rot that Hank repaired.  The walls were in crazy shape... I posted about that here.

Here is a reminder of what the bedroom looked like before.

And here are a few pictures of what it looked like while working on it....

And... after finishing those walls, trim, windows and buffing the floors.... here is what it looked like.  :)

Now of course we have a ceiling fan installed, curtains up and all the furniture in the room.... it's just that it's been difficult to get a picture when "the toddler" hasn't destroyed it with toys.  I need to work on that...  :) 

We did leave the crown molding down.... until JUST last weekend.  Ummm... that means a year looking like that!  We had a huge stack of trim in our attic that needed to be stripped, but with so many other projects going on, we just told ourselves we'd get to it when time allowed.  Thank goodness, most of our large projects are over and for the last couple of months we have been hammering away on that stack of trim.  We really didn't mind... if all we had to deal with was an ugly area around the ceiling for awhile, we could do that.  But, now that we're getting it all stripped, primed and nailed back up again... it's like a breath of fresh air!!!!  So, this bedroom has the crown back up and hopefully I can get it painted in the next week or two. 

I'll post updated photos soon... I hope....  :)
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