Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Wish I Could Share...

But I can't!  It's funny how many times I have seen cheese straws on recipe blogs lately.  I love cheese straws.  When I was little, we would go to my great-grandmother's house and she would always have this little covered storage container on the buffet in the dining room.  The one thing I knew I would find was wax paper.... the one thing I wish I would find was a cheese straw.  If they were there, I would slowly sneak back and continue to grab "one more".  Children have a skill with this... you know, to make it look like you really haven't eaten any.  We've all been there... don't lie to yourself.

I've never seen cheese straws like hers anywhere else.  I've seen long straws, short straws, squiggly straws, but none shaped like this.  Even the ingredients that I see on other recipes is completely different than those that my great-grandmother made. I have bought some too... expensive ones that do not compare in flavor and texture.

No one in my family makes these cheese straws.  Thank goodness my grandmother gave me the recipe... and thank goodness I can make them just like my Mama Brown did.  I will never give away the recipe... and I hope it stays in our family.  If I could sell them I would... trust me, they would be the best you've ever had.  But the recipe?  No way....  ;)
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Barefoot Belle said...

Beautiful pictures! My family is passionate about our cheese straw recipe other recipes compare to the flavor. We make them in the same shape as you, too!