Sunday, March 7, 2010

New House

Can you say meant to be? We found this house in Cairo while looking at some property. When we drove past it we both took a double take. Approximately a year late we saw it on the internet for sale. We placed a bid, they accepted, and now we are neck deep in renovations with no signs of slowing down. The house was built in 1935 by an attorney in Cairo. There have been a few upgrades over the years, and structurally the house is in phenomenal shape. The house is 2,800 sq. ft. and has 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, a formal dining room and living room, a kitchen nook, and an extra room that could be considered a den. Our main goals at first are to renovate the kitchen and baths, scrape and paint every single solitary square inch of this place. We will basically have the credentials to be professional painters when we finish this place!! So, please enjoy the pictures, and have fun reveling in our misery as we work ourselves to the bone to create what we hope will be a nice home. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Celia-

Great house! We've got a Tudor Style home here in Quincy built in the 20's. Tons of work to update, but you can't beat how well these old houses were built! Your renovations look great, and I'm sure you have plenty left to do. We looking at re-doing the kitchen soon, and we just started on a whole new landscaping plan. Glad to see you guys are doing well.

Mike Park.