Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hall bathroom demo

We have pulled off all the original sheetrock. The walls were not the traditional plaster, but instead a sheetrock with hardcoat on them. The lower half of the walls are a concrete wall... which we decided to keep. They have stood the test of time thus far and will be the best moisture barrier to last another 75 yrs. Hank spent hours and hours on his hands and knees with an air chisel chipping away the tile floor. We were determined to get rid of it and have the new tile flush with the hardwood over the thresholds. It will be well worth it!!! (sorry Hank) The tub still has to be taken out...

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PraiseJunky said...

Great news about the house!! So excited for you guys. I can sympathize about the remodeling. We are in the middle of a bathroom remodel too. Ripped it all down to the studs. But it is beginning to come together. We should get together soon.