Friday, March 19, 2010

Bathroom Ideas

One of things Hank and I are most excited about are the bathrooms. We knew we wanted to go with white to keep the bathrooms looking as "clean" and "crisp" as possible. Also, down the road when we feel they need a "facelift", we can always change the look through new paint and accessories. Hoping to keep the old fashioned or vintage look of the house, we've chosen hexagon tiles for the floors, subway tiles for the shower and wainscoting for the walls (to cover the concrete portions). We found a few pictures to give us some ideas... hopefully the bathrooms will turn out right. The tile is going in this week and next week. We'll get to see some of the results this weekend..... super excited!!!

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PraiseJunky said...

That is too funny! We just put in white subway tile around the tub, black & white pinwheel tile on the floor and white beadboard on the walls in our bathroom. I guess great minds think alike.

kathy said...

I love this bathroom...the hard thing about white bathroom is that you can see every speck of hair on it.... it is beautiful though.