Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kitchen "Before" & "After".... Whew!

We finally had our backsplash go in and I am finally getting around to uploading the photos.  It's such a relief to have the kitchen finished... for the most part.  We still have a few things to do... pantry doors and trim around the ceiling and baseboards.  But, overall.... it's complete!!!

Please... bear with me and let me remind you of what the kitchen looked like before...
These were not the original cabinets, but they were old and nasty.  The lower cabinets were literally one LONG cabinet.  It was crazy pulling them out of there.  The floors were originally red oak, like the rest of the house, but linoleum had been placed over them... a few times.  The windows were original and paint was chipping everywhere.  And there was no way I was putting my food in that refrigerator and cooking in that stove.  The ceiling light... wasn't even centered...

And this is when we ripped everything out to start over.

And here are the end results!!!  Everything is new.  We pulled out the old windows and replaced them. 
New custom made cabinets with granite countertops.   And had tile put down.

We had a small desk built to put beside our refrigerator... where is was just open before.

We installed lights above the sink and workspace area.

We put in recessed lighting throughout the kitchen ceiling.

And.... when we installed the new windows, the trim was not original to the house and it was a mess.  
So, Hank had to build new trim around each window and doorway.


And last... but certainly not least... we had a new backdoor installed. 

It's such a relief to have this finished (besides a few small tasks).  We LOVE our new kitchen.  And to be honest, when we feel overwhelmed with everything we are still doing... it's nice to walk in there and see the end result.  It helps us "keep on keeping on" with the rest of the house!!!
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Allison at Novice Life said...

It looks great! I love the light fixture above your sink!

Watson Family said...

Thank you, Allison!

Tricia said...

Lovely! I adore the schoolhouse light : o )

Michelle said...

Now that is a lot of work, but what a difference! The kitchen is such an important room to redo isn't it. Hopefully mine gets tackled later this year, fingers crossed!