Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Won!

I. Never. Win. Anything.

I really don't.  Some people just have the luck... they run into famous people in airports, find money on the ground in the parking lot, win things.  Well, that has just never been me.  Until now.  Well.... not "now"... just twice in one week.  I'm sure this will last me a lifetime.

My first score?  A whole book of stamps on the floor in Target.  I grabbed those bad boys up and didn't look back twice.  I needed those and have been putting off buying a whole book.  I'll just pretend the Stamp Fairy dropped them right in my path for me.  (thank you!)

The second thing I won?  A pair of earrings!  Ashely's blog, Under the Sycamore has a group of sponsors each month and they each do a "giveaway".  You look at each sponsors Etsy shop and enter by leaving a comment stating what your favorite item is.  I think everyone pretty much enters with each sponsor, but I won with Elizabeth Williams Jewelry.

And... my earrings finally came in the mail today!

The box was packaged very nicely with a handwritten "congrats" on the back of her Etsy business card.  That was a nice, personal touch!

I chose the Rosalie earrings with the black quartz about the leaves.  They are perfect!  I love them.  She also has the same earrings with clear or moss aquamarine stones above the leaves.  It all depends on what you like!  I like the black because you cannot see the hooks underneath.

I love them and cannot wait to wear them soon!  

You can visit the Etsy shop here... Elizabeth Williams Jewelry.  

And, thank you, Beth!
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Christine said...

oh my word those are SO cute! yay for winning!!!

ella@lifeologia said...

Wow these are beautiful. Yay for winning, for sure ;D

that sort of thing. said...

first time visitor to your blog...

what a beautiful pair of earrings;that's a great win!

I ALWAYS enter giveaways... still waiting to win :)