Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Buffing the Red Oak Floors

We are finally a couple of weeks away from moving in. We're going to start moving some furniture in this weekend and getting the bedrooms ready to live in. It feels so good to be at this point... seeing real results, having things clean, moving out all of the trash and using the house as a house.... not a construction site. I'm so excited to have our BIG kitchen to cook and bake in, our new bathrooms to use just as we planned them... and finally, are big yard for Grady to run and play in all day.
This past weekend we got on our hands and knees and did some of the final floor cleaning. Apparently our floors have been refinished before.... you can see some of the marks that previous owners left in the wood while sanding, etc. But who knows how long ago that was. All I know... is that we needed a good polishing when we bought the place.... but now six months later, tons of trash, dust, pieces of tile scattered all over the wood... and anything else you can imagine... the floors looked downright damaged. We even had tons of stripped paint and chemicals all over the hardwood. Thank goodness.... thank goodness.... all of the spots came up.... and thank goodness.... due to some old fashioned elbow grease, floor wax and a buffer.... this is how our floors turned out.
The look incredible. They are so slick and shiny... we literally almost slide while walking barefooted throughout the house. Grady will be hilarious in there. I'll have to get him socks with tread on the bottom! HA

Guest Room

Grady's Room

Master Bedroom

We also buffed the hallway and den, but I didn't take pictures of those rooms.

Some of the rooms still need to be painted. The walls are going to get banged up anyway.... so some areas we'll just do after we've got it all in. :)
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Christine said...

Those floors look awesome!!
I think you may be moving in right now. I can't wait for those pictures!