Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kitchen Cabinets

We are so excited about our soon-t0-be new kitchen! We are having our cabinets custom made... for a couple of reasons. First, our kitchen layout was really hard to work around because of it being an older home. They originally had a archway coming in from the back door and a walk in pantry. The kitchen was much smaller back then. At some point, owners cleared out any walls and opened the whole kitchen up... therefore... some things HAD to be left in their places (the sink, stove, ect). We also have three windows in the kitchen... each are a different size. So, it was beneficial to us to have someone come in, see the kitchen and work with what we had. Second, after pricing cabinets in town and elsewhere, we realized we could take that money and put it towards handmade, custom cabinets.... and get much more bang for our buck. The quality is excellent.... really worth the price! Here are our cabinets so far. We will have some traditional raised panel front doors and some glass front doors. Also, we are having a work desk made and that will go on one side of the kitchen... with a built-in book shelf above it... with glass front doors. :)

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